I don’t think I need to mention anything about the property and facilities because they speak for themselves, the venue is completely gorgeous.

The planning process was made so easy by Jennifer and Jake. They had a solution to every question, and truly took a lot of weight off our shoulders.

On the day of, the staff went above and beyond to provide an incredible experience for our wedding. We planned to have our ceremony outside under the oak tree. As it got closer we realized that we’d have to move the ceremony indoors because of weather. Over the next few hours, mother nature threw every curve ball possible; tornado like squalls, power outages, flooding and more. Not only did the staff provide flawless service, they got generators up and running when there was no power, they got the local power company out ASAP, they provided out of the box solutions, coordinated our wedding party and guests, and made the whole event go off without a hitch (besides for me and my wife of course). Despite all of the extreme circumstances, the staff turned the event into a magical time for everyone involved. I legitimately believe that our wedding turned out much better than it would have if the weather had held off. We couldn’t have been happier with our experience at the ranch. Big shout out to the MVP of the weekend, Marsha.